5 Surprising Tips to Cure Jet Lags

5 Surprising Tips to Cure Jet Lags

Here is the blog for those of us who have started traveling against all odds still are unable to get off the jet lag period. That particular phenomenon, which is also known as a jet lag disorder, causes several individuals to suffer disordered daily functions such as loss of appetite, constipation & diarrhea, nausea, daytime fatigue, irritability, etc. 

But the moment you think it’s just that, you get bombed by another trouble. And that has to do with sleeplessness. Here is how you get over it easily.

What does a Jet Lag Look Like?

Jet Lag

You see, your body has its own internal clock, which is called the circadian rhythm; that system is the one to send signals to your body, telling it when to stay awake and when to be asleep. These jet lags occur because your body’s clock is still synced to your previous time zone. Rather than getting adjusted to the time zone where you’ve traveled to, your body remains confused about its whereabouts and the current time zone. You will resemble nothing less than a zombie on acid.

And therefore, there it is, the actual reason for jet lags is skipping two-three time zones. The more you will cross, the more severe the effect would be. 

Let’s learn a few facts about jet lags before we foray into the tried and tested cures to jet lag before they leave you a little surprised.

Facts about Jet Lags:

Facts about Jet Lags
  • Frequent travelers have it the most (like pilots, cabin crew)
  • Flying east( because ‘losing’ time will tire your body)
  • Being an older person(above 30-35years are more susceptible to jet lag than teens and tweens)
  • And the number of time zones that you have crossed(as covered before) 

But the good news is that jet lag is just temporary and totally curable. Though for some who don’t know how to manage jet lags, the time to vacation or travel is considerably reduced.

Here’s Why a Neck Massager Is Superior To Other Electric Massagers

Jet lag is temporary, but it can play a negative tone on your travel and comfort. Fortunately, here are some amazing steps you can take to help prevent or minimize jet lag.

What Can Bring Jet Lag to Its Knees?

Book Yourself a Massage Special

Book yourself a massage special

No kidding, massages are known to fix most seditious body ailments, and it is more than just a cure; it feels good to relax under expert hands. But if you have traveled for a quick but urgent business meeting, squeezing in a massage would become a matter of concern. But what if we had a solution to that also? What if you had a Neck massager at your disposal that boasts of giving you equally conclusive massages for your neck and shoulders, the area known to carry the most stress when flying. 

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Drink Banana Tea

File this one under strange, but it is true that drinking banana peel soaked tea can really help boost your recovery. It is a great source of magnesium, which helps your body to relax along with your muscles and promotes sleep. Suppose you’re having problems sleeping-whether on the plane or once you’re at your destination-reach for a banana, rather than the traditional melatonin pill. We suggest you put a clean banana inside a cup of warm water for 8 minutes before you drink it.

Regulate Bright Light Exposure

Because your body’s circadian rhythm is influenced by bright light, regulating light exposure will help you adjust to your destination. One one exception is if you have traveled more than eight time zones from your original time zone because your body will not get accustomed to morning and night. 

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So, if you’ve traveled for more than eight time zones to the east, wear sunglasses and avoid getting light in the morning, and then allow as much sunlight as possible in the late afternoon for the first few days.

When you have traveled towards the west by more than eight time zones, simply avoid the sunlight a few hours before dark for the first few days to try adjusting to your current local time.

Eat More Frequently or Fast

Eat more frequently or fast

Maintaining regularly spaced meals can help keep your body on a schedule. Try to have a normal, set meal every four to five hours, both when in pursuit and the day after you have traveled, too. But if you want to try out fasting, well, it can get hard to resist snacking through your flight, especially if you like munching away on flights. 

But fasting while changing time zones may prove to be beneficial in more ways than one can think. The premise is that waiting to eat until you have reached your destination will reset your body’s clock, warding off not only the effects of jet lag but also help to bid bye to bloat.

Keep a Grip on Your Hydrations

Eat more frequently or fast

You can counteract the effects of dry cabin air by drinking plenty of water before and after your flight. Dehydration can make jet lag symptoms much worse. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, especially, as these substances can leave you more dehydrated and will adversely affect your sleep. 

And after explaining all that, we suggest our readers keep emergency candy bars at their disposal to avoid any blood pressure fall due to all that traveling.

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