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Premium Waterfall Backflow Incense Burner with 150 Cones, Reusable & Resealable Bag & Mat | Quality Mountain Incense Holder | Dragon Smoke Fountain | Home Decor, Aromatherapy, Ornament


Fill your home with the aroma of natural fragrances, herbs and spices with this beautiful, small incense burner set!

1) The sticks for this incense burner can be purchased easily as it can accommodate different sizes.

2) A fantastic aromatherapy tool that is excellent for yoga and meditation sessions! Helps you relax and unwind.

3) Comes with cones and mats for a neat, easy and clean experience.

4) The size and attractive design makes it a beautiful decorative piece for your home! 5) The smoke fountain is elegant, unique and very pretty!


How does a waterfall incense burner work?

The waterfall backflow incense burners used cones and mats for a clean & neat experience that allows your incense sticks to last longer without making a mess. The design of the small incense burner gives you a beautiful smoke fountain and makes for a wonderful decorative piece.

How do you clean a backflow incense burner?

The aroma incense burner can be cleaned easily with a cloth or a tissue. The mats and cones accompanying the incense stick burner holder help minimize the mess and offer a clean & neat experience.

Is it safe to breathe in incense?

If you are using natural incense, the fumes of an aromatherapy incense burner will not cause discomfort and are completely harmless. However, we strongly advise against inhaling large quantities of smoke for extended periods of time.

Does incense clean the air?

Depends on the incense sticks you are using. Natural incense not only has a wonderful fragrance but is also excellent for purifying the air of your home!

How long do backflow incense cones burn?

The cones that accompany our incense burner are designed to make your incense sticks last as long as possible. Small cones last for around ten minutes while large cones help your sticks burn for as long as half an hour!


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